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My name is Tony Venuto and I am an independent songwriter.  I hope other songwriters will find some of these entries helpful, and that music fans will be interested to go behind the scenes of the songwriting process, from idea inception to promoting the final product.  Thank you for visiting!

In The Studio

So excited to be back in the studio recording new songs! I found out recently that I record songs like Ian Fleming wrote James Bond books - during non-stop sessions where there are no visitors, no TV, no internet, for…

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City and Sand is 1 month old!

It almost feels longer, but the album I released January 8th, hit one month old this week. For anyone interested on how it's going so far, here are the numbers for the first month:

At Spotify:

I only have…

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Music quality is subjective

Quality is subjective, especially in terms of music. It is an event that happens between the listener and the song. The same song sounds terrible to one person, and wonderful to another person. We can agree when there are bad…

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Radio plays!

I'm so excited that the album is being played on a couple dozen radio stations so far. Hopefully that will grow in the next few weeks. The last album got on about 40 stations eventually, but never any in California…

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I'm back! 

My bad. I thought I could keep up with a blog post a week, or at least a month, but it didn't happen. I can't guarantee I'll keep it up this year, but I'm going to try. The problem was…

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Process of creating City and Sand 

I started with beats from session drummer Victor Indrizzo, thinking that they would serve to keep the rhythm and provide a little inspiration, but probably would be removed later. In the past I used drum machines for this, and then…

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Story behind the songs 

At first a couple beats of Victor’s seemed too different then my usual vibe, but I didn’t let that stop me from trying. One beat in particular sounded like disco and seemed like the most obvious to not use, but…

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4: Recording Improv

Ok, so what if you have studio time, but no song ideas yet? I think of that as an opportunity for lightning to strike, and keep an open mind. I start this type of session similarly to a session that…

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3: Recording

Once the song has taken shape, it’s time to start recording. It's okay if the lyrics aren't finished, those can be edited easily later. If your band has a drummer, you are all set and can dive right in. If…

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2: Writing Songs

Once you have the bones of the song, or at least an idea that excites you, it’s time to start fleshing it out. I don’t like using the same formula for each song, or even for most songs, but many…

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