City and Sand is 1 month old!

It almost feels longer, but the album I released January 8th, hit one month old this week. For anyone interested on how it's going so far, here are the numbers for the first month:

At Spotify:

I only have 686 followers, so how did I get nearly 40k listeners? Spotify gave half of them to me by placing all 10 songs on the Release Radar algorithmic playlist.

The rest came from lots of different places. I ran some ads inside Spotify (Spotlight and Marque), some Facebook ads, and did a lot of promotion at Instagram. I'm floored that the songs were added to nearly 3k playlists in such a short time! It seems that most folks found the music through Release Radar and then added songs to their own playlists which are shared to more listeners. The 65k streams is more then double what I got the first month of my debut album, so I'm excited about that.


At YouTube:

This mostly is from four videos, but also includes YouTube Music streams (that's where the album cover is shown while the song is played). I've received lots of comments from folks all over the world for those four videos. That's one of the cool things about YouTube vs Spotify - I can't engage with fans at Spotify, or hear what they like or don't like about a particular song.


At Pandora:

Not bad! These all appear to be US listeners. Pandora has an interesting feature where you can leave audio messages for folks that hear your music! I'm definitely going to do that when I get some time.


At Apple Music:

Much lower stream numbers (mostly from Japan and Mexico), but I find the Shazams fascinating… Are those coming from Radio? Or are people putting on a Spotify or YouTube playlist and then using Shazam to check the artist? Hard to say!


On College / Independent Radio:

So far the following stations have accepted the album into their library. I've heard several songs played so far!

I wasn't totally sure DJs would pronounce my name right, but I didn't provide a guide and they all have said it perfectly. I guess it's not that hard!