In The Studio

So excited to be back in the studio recording new songs! I found out recently that I record songs like Ian Fleming wrote James Bond books - during non-stop sessions where there are no visitors, no TV, no internet, for at least 10 hours straight per day over a period of about ten days. That is how I created my last two albums (I did two five days stints). I've just completed one of those type of sessions, over four days, and created 7 new songs! Several of these are some of the best I've ever made, so I'm feeling very happy right now. Can't wait to share. I'm going to cut two of the songs and focus on the best three to release as singles and then maybe release a five song EP toward the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025 (with the three singles plus two more). It's exciting that this came together so quickly. Next, I'll be working with a drummer and bass player to tighten up (and excite) the rhythm, then I will work on polishing up the lyrics and vocals.

Here's how I did it: I started with a drum loop or drum machine beat and then added just acoustic guitar. Next, I recorded a quick vocal. Most of these songs are brand new, so I had no words at all yet. I improvised on the mic, then listened back and used some of the phrases or ideas to write out some rough lyrics and recorded the vocal a second time so it resembled a song. Next I added bass, not trying to be perfect since I knew this will be replaced by Tim Lefebvre, but wanting something there to hold it's place. After that I added electric guitars. For the guitars I did about five tracks (on the last album I usually went with two) on each song - three acoustic tracks and two electric. The acoustic tracks blend together and you can't really tell there are that many without a very close listen. With the electrics, I usually went for one clean and one with distortion. The end result was a really exciting mix! I feel both the guitars and vocals are the best I've done, I'm getting more confident and more practiced at doing both in the studio now. 

The above picture is inside my vocal booth. Some folks don't like these, but I'm very comfortable in here and it helps remove all distractions, so I can forget where I am and just focus on the song. I don't hear street noise or dogs barking, it's pretty serene. I also don't have to think about folks hearing me record the same verse 40 times!