Music quality is subjective

Quality is subjective, especially in terms of music. It is an event that happens between the listener and the song. The same song sounds terrible to one person, and wonderful to another person. We can agree when there are bad notes or audio that is poor quality, but the song itself is what I'm talking about. I find it fascinating to read reactions to my music. Sometimes songs that I was embarrassed about and almost did not publish are listed as favorites by a listener. My experience of quality was very different then that listener, but that doesn't make either of us wrong. The event of listening for us both is just opposite. 

Here is what got me thinking about this tonight, it's a report of the Spotify Release Radar that my songs are on. All ten of them made it on to this “playlist”, I don't believe that happened at all with my first album. Anyway, there are a couple of surprises here…

First of all, I was surprised that Imaginary didn't take off like some of the other songs. I thought it was one of the best songs on the album. I was shocked and delighted at how much folks liked My Love For You! Also, I didn't think Flamethrower would do well at all, but it's fifth best here and it's second best at Pandora. I'm not surprised Ocean is at the bottom. I am surprised that Coast to Coast is so low here. I thought it was solidly the fifth best song.

Conversely, Coast to Coast has the most verified radio spins so far. Perhaps it's just one Station or DJ that really likes it, but I heard it today at KDUR (Colorado)! It was so cool to hear a song from the new album going over the airwaves, it was the first I had heard myself. It was especially nice that it was a prime time play, around 5 PM! I know the album has been added at 28 stations so far, I just don't know what they are playing when, so it took me a while of listening to stations online until I caught a spin. Have heard a great deal of great music while I waited, so that makes it a pleasant experience.