Radio plays!

I'm so excited that the album is being played on a couple dozen radio stations so far. Hopefully that will grow in the next few weeks. The last album got on about 40 stations eventually, but never any in California, where I am. So far this album has been played in Boulder Creek and Davis, both a not too far drive from my house, and also up in Humboldt at a station I really enjoyed listening to when I was up there. So cool!

A lot of folks discourage independent artists from trying to get on the radio. I signed up with a music marketing advisor and he said it's a waste of time because if you get played it will probably be at 2 AM when no one is listening anyway. While it's true that many (maybe most) of the stations will play unknown artists overnight, my last album was getting lots of daytime plays at several stations. This allowed me to hear a song live quite a few times, I even was quick enough to get my friend (and guitarist on the album) Liam to hear it live too! It was a first for both of us, and something I will never forget. Also, someone reached out to my through my website after hearing a song on the radio while driving and told me how much they liked it. That meant a ton to me, that they took the time to track down my contact info to let me know. I was only a year removed from almost giving up songwriting and selling my gear, but that random comment from a stranger shut down my doubts and I am in this for as long as I can physically do it. Also, I got contacted at Instagram from a college student that said my album was part of a assignment she was given in her music marketing class. It sounds like they used some CDs that independent artists had sent the college station and used them for the class. She liked the album and just wanted to let me know about it. How cool is that!?

With digital radio it's easy to see who the artist is and get lots of info about them, but with terrestrial radio Shazam can do that for you. I wish they had that when I was a kid! When I heard a great song I had to stick around and count the other songs until the DJ came on to announce what was played. I often missed the announcement and a few times would call into the station to ask about the song. I wonder if anyone does that anymore?

I like radio for many reasons. It's so easy to turn on in the car or in the house and not have to fiddle with a phone, computer or CD. And it forces you to hear a whole song, no skipping to the next. Sometimes skipping is great, but I've found myself skipping even songs I like on Spotify just to hear what's next. We are always swiping next instead of being in the moment and taking in every part of the content. Radio is also a great resource for hearing new songs that may never come up in the streaming algorithms online.  

For me, college and independent radio is what I listen to. If those are playing sports or not coming in, I might tune into a classic rock station, or something similar, but they seem like just repeat themselves over and over with a ton of annoying commercials in between. They play some awesome songs, but stuck on a stupid loop.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts on radio! Also, if you hear my music on the station you listen to, please do let me know, its super hard to track so I love to hear about it. Thank you!