There is no doubt whatsoever that Tony Venuto is making music that people genuinely want to hear. His debut record ‘20 Years’ yielded air-time at college stations for three songs and the album received over 200,000 streams across the major online platforms.

Inspired by the love, support, enthusiasm, and growing buzz surrounding his unique style of hybrid rock, the momentum of this San Francisco Bay Area artist’s career continued to build as he began to work on his follow-up record.  He refined a versatile sound that incorporates elements of Indie Rock, Pop, Post-Punk and New Wave, with dynamic songwriting and irresistible hooks that shine with innovation, authenticity, and passion.

The more Venuto believed in his talents, the more that he got out of his vocals, his guitar, and his music overall.  Enlisting a team of ace musicians, he created a powerful lineup of ten new songs that reveal how far he has come with his solo career in such a short amount of time. His brand new album ‘City and Sand’ includes a sensational setlist that is certain to prove Venuto’s music is more addictive and accessible than ever before. He’s about to surge straight into the most groundbreaking year of his career to-date, and take YOU along with him for the ride!  


A musical odyssey that firmly establishes him as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of singer-songwriters... Vibrant organic instrumentation, flourishing harmonies, soaring melodies and captivating lyrical observations abound across this recording, making ‘City and Sand’ a remarkable achievement, and showcasing Tony Venuto ability to capture the essence of life through his music with authenticity and depth.”


City and Sand is a tale of hope, love, and liberation... There is something nostalgic in the raw authenticity of this album. The production elevates longing and reflection, reminiscent of the indie rock heydays, while also incorporating a contemporary flair that makes it a timeless album...the perfect way to bring in the New Year.”


You’ll hear the warmth in the rhythm, the inviting sound at work – it would take more effort to resist a song like 'My Love For You' than to just give in and turn it up, and I feel like that’s the side listeners will fall on readily. The hooks are beaming out of the music, and the vocals as well, everything about 'My Love For You' feels like a comfortable fit where everything it contains found the place where it belongs.”

Sleeping Bag Studios

In a society rife with hatred and negativity, Tony Venuto takes a refreshing approach by emphasizing love and positivity in his music. 'Go To The Light' serves as an anthem, encouraging listeners to embrace the power of positivity. With its funky layered guitars, driving bassline, and energetic drums, the track evokes a nostalgic sound...”

Indie Music Spin

City and Sand is the brand new album from Tony Venuto... The ten-song set further defines Venuto’s unique blend of post-punk, indie, and new wave. From the funky Talking Heads vibes of tracks like “Go to the Light” and “Flamethrower”, to the dream-pop grooves of “Ocean”, he blends elements of pop and rock from the past to the present.”

Static Dive

City and Sand feels like an underground album of unique style, never too heavy to reach a broader audience, never too light to remove that raw indie rock essence that will no doubt work wonders at live shows. The songwriting is fascinating, the voice unmistakable, and the compositions versatile enough to provide a genuinely original project.”

Stereo Stickman



City and Sand 

Tony Venuto - vocal, guitar
Tim Lefebvre - bass, guitar
Victor Indrizzo - drums
Tori Elliott - backing vocal
Liam Howland - lead guitar, keys

Mixed by J Hall
Mastered by Justin Weis

Produced by Liam Howland 
and Tony Venuto

Words and music by Tony Venuto
Cover design by Mirko
Disc design by Spencer Robens
Inside design by Aymeric
Photography by Jacqueline Ross

Released: 01/08/2024