There is no doubt whatsoever that Tony Venuto made the right call by going solo with his music in 2023. After crushing his debut record with a first impression that yielded air-time at college stations throughout the nation, and numbers on Spotify that proudly spanned into six-digit terrain, it became crystal clear that he was making music that people genuinely wanted to listen to.

Inspired by the love, support, enthusiasm, and growing buzz surrounding his unique style of hybrid rock on his first album 20 Years, the momentum of this San Francisco-based artist’s career continued to build as he began to work on his follow-up record behind the scenes.  He refined a versatile sound that incorporates elements of New Wave, Pop, Post-Punk and Indie Rock, with dynamic songwriting and irresistible hooks that shine with innovation, authenticity, and passion.

The more Venuto believed in his talents, the more that he got out of his vocals, his guitar, and his music overall.  Enlisting a team of ace musicians, he created a powerful lineup of ten new songs that reveal how far he has come with his solo career in such a short amount of time. His brand-new album called City and Sand includes a sensational setlist that is certain to prove Venuto’s music is more addictive and accessible than ever before.  With his new single “Go To The Light” dropping online November 10th, 2023, before the scheduled release of City and Sand arriving in early January of 2024, the future is looking incredibly bright for the music of Tony Venuto and his fans tuning in from all around the globe. He’s about to surge straight into the most groundbreaking year of his career to-date, and take YOU along with him for the ride!  


Guitarist and singer-songwriter Tony Venuto's latest album "20 Years" honors real rock and music made with passion. The 10-track opus is a piece of art delivering authentic rock energy with creativity. The indie touch, tinted by some garage colors are accompanied by addictive guitars, solid rhythm and melancholic yet infectious vocal performances.”


Tony Venuto pays homage to music’s past while pulling a myriad number of genres into the future with the defiant stance of “20 Years”. Riffs roll through hot burning everything down in their path...“20 Years” shows off Tony Venuto’s ability to deliver a sound that feels absolutely ageless.”

Be About It Press

The album ‘20 Years’, wastes no time getting to the point of its intent. The choruses are immediate, the rhythms are driven, the arrangements immersive and compelling, while the vocals are perhaps the most evocative element of the recording. Tony Venuto has a sound that exists outside of any fad, phase or trend, and has an almost timeless quality.”

JamSphere Magazine

Tony Venuto is a veteran independent musician making his solo professional recording debut in 2023. The eclectic San Francisco Bay Area based singer, songwriter and guitarist has an indie-rock vibe inspired by decades of alternative, new wave, dark wave and garage rock... Tony Venuto spins these influences into a sound that is distinctly his own.”

Static Dive



20 Years  (01/31/2023)

Tony Venuto: vocal, guitar
Tim Lefebvre: bass
Eyal Satat: drums
Dee Wolf: backing vocal

Additional Musicians:
Liam Howland: lead guitar (trk 3, 4, 5, 6, 8)
Jamie Coventry: harmonica (trk 9)
Mark Brown: organ (trk 3, 7, 8, 9) 

Mixed by Brendan Dekora
Mastered by Justin Weis 

Produced by Tony Venuto

Words and music by Tony Venuto
Cover design by Aymeric
Photography by Ben and Rochelle Venuto

City and Sand  (01/08/2024)

Tony Venuto - vocal, guitar
Tim Lefebvre - bass, guitar
Victor Indrizzo - drums
Liam Howland - lead guitar, keyboard
Tori Elliott - backing vocal

Mixed by J Hall
Mastered by Justin Weis

Produced by Liam Howland, Tony Venuto

Words and music by Tony Venuto
Cover design by Mirko
Photography by Jacqueline Ross


Design by Tony Venuto

Jacqueline Ross (2023) 
Rochelle and Ben Venuto (2022)